West Clothes Group, LTD

Wholesales warehouse of second-hand offers to its customers only high quality products. It should be mentioned that our company works on this market for many years and for that time it developed a perfect reputation due to goods quality and safety partnership. We do all for comfort and convenience of our customers, statedly delivering new articles of goods.

True professionals work in our team, they control the process from original clothes collecting to its delivery to our customers, and ensure that quality of goods and services is on the highest level. We always pursue ourselves ambitious plans and realize them in short terms.

We should note that second-hand base cooperates with a huge amount of customers. Today, among our buyers are individual wholesalers, as well as retail and big wholesalers. We offer them high quality second-hand clothes at real and cost-effective prices. All clothes are brought in Great Britain, among which are world famous brands. At a whole, each thing has a high quality.

Each opinion of our customer is important for us. Company specialist always glad to help you if should arise issues concerning partnership or goods. There are not tasks that we would not solve fast and qualitatively.

We can say with confidence that we offer goods characterized with high quality and affordable price to our customers. We always welcome newcustomers.

Order the second hand directly from England, NO INTERMEDIARIES!!!!