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“Children grow up too fast” – complain many of modern moms, who barely have time to renew children’s wardrobes with their children growing. Indeed, children’s clothing is not currently the cheapest pleasure, especially, if mothers try to wear their children only in quality brand clothes. Probably, many of you are familiar with the situation when a baby appears in a family and a brigade of loyal relatives and friends bring clothes of their grown children to the young family. The child often wears hand-me-downs of their brothers and sisters, which lost their good appearance and are out of fashion long ago.

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How to provide the child with quality, beautiful clothes from global brands, and at the same to stay within the limits of family budget and do not get depts? The answer to this question knows doctor Komarovskiy! The doctor, being widely known by many modern moms, straightly advices to turn attention to second-hand – exactly there is a possibility to find truly quality children clothing of world-renewed manufacturers at ridiculous price. Are you dreaming to create an image of Disney Princes for your daughter? In second-hand, you will find appropriate dresses of all sizes being qualitatively tailored and brought from different European countries.

Western second-hand is better than the native market, affirms doctor Komarovskiy

Recently, to doctor Komarovskiy, a merited expert in pediatrics, addressed a young mom asking about risks of wearing a baby in second-hand clothing. Really, many moms yet ask that very question – whether it is safety to get on children worn clothes? Let’s hasten to dispel all the myths about this.

Firstly, all clothing, including children’s clothes, being brought for sale in second-hand, undergoes mandatory and comprehensive disinfections. It is not about a simple washing with a powder, but about comprehensive procedure, that foresees a couple of stages of deep steam cleaning with disinfection solution. The risk of transfer of any diseases or even hostile bacteria at such treatment equals to zero!

Secondly, big second-hand suppliers, in particular WCG, bring clothes from well developed and successful countries of the world. Children’s clothes from Great Britain differ not only with special clearness and tidiness, but also with labels of famous manufacturers. These for sure are quality, good tailored clothes of genuine materials, fabrics of which will well undergo not one wash and preserve their origin appearance during long years.

As doctor Komarovskiy pointed out in the answer to troubled mom: “Exactly in the national market, cheap counterfeits, heaven knows, with what colored and, heaven knows, of what made, but with attractive labels, are faced much frequently than among clothes of western second-hand without labels..”

Are you still thinking of how to supply a baby with beautiful and quality clothing within the period of financial instability? Bravely go to second-hand! Thousands of diverse models, dozens of different sizes and 100%-quality tailoring, as well as genuine fabrics cannot be offered in any national market, even in the center of the capital. Obtainable prices and regular goods replenishment – about those can dream every modern parent. Even the most famous pediatrician of the country advices you to preserve health of the baby and to save your money by means of quality second-hand. Pay attention to the following item in the price list of our company, indeed company “Scotland (South)” especially differs with availability of more quantity of children’s clothes, than in any other goods, although, we shall note that good quality children clothes and shoes can be found among any of our goods. Clearness of clothes, safety of fabrics, and extended product line of the clothing are waiting for you right here and right now!

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