Upcycling in action!


When translating the ‘upcycling’ term from English, it means recycling, secondary use of something or even ‘new life’ of things. Hence, it is become born the essence of this direction. Some people consider this as a hobby, others – as a craft. Anyway, this distinctive way of garbage recycling is a creative process as by virtue of inventiveness and a gift a totally new and a relatively useful handiwork turns out as a result.

Recycling and upcycling. What is the difference?

Many people confuse these two terms, but there is a difference between them. That is why let’s puzzle out it. Term ‘recycling’ we hear too long because it appeared earlier. This term covers recycling of raw materials aimed at manufacturing of exactly the same goods. Nevertheless, it is possible to choose another way, for example, to produce new goods from secondary raw materials. This is upcycling.

In other words, we inspire a new life into old clothes. That’s cool, stylish and modern! In Ukraine, this trend becomes more popular and its followers are puzzled of a problem of pollution of cities’ outskirts, primarily. As such, they slowly but steadily turns into a dump site.

Opponents of culture of a one-time consumption and simply unindifferent people to environment decided to set up a boycott to such course of events and many of them succeed in this direction. It is surprising what skilful hands can create. For example, you can uniquely novelize your interior with furniture created made with own hands – a sofa of an old car body, armchairs of wheels, cabinet of pipes and containers, and many other interesting things.

Actual benefits from environmental style

As it turned out, upcycling is not only environmentally, but also it is:

  • possibility to free a home from old things. If someone delve in a wardrobe, ceiling cabinet or dressing room they can find lots of things that become dusty during years and it is unlikely they would be ever used;
  • a great opportunity to save family budget. You don’t need to purchase new bag, you can create it from available expedient materials, for example, from old jeans. Thus, we kill three birds: gain a unique new thing, free a place in a wardrobe and have available funds which also will be spend for something useful;
  • a chance to get fancy and create a custom thing for yourself. If you love trousers with a quite few pockets, then sew them of such form and design as you wish taking into account your own preferences, wishes and habits.

Upcycling in global scale

According to statistics, 40% of waste over the world end their ‘lives’ at dump sites and disposal sites constituting a life- and health-threatening situation for human. Such disappointing numbers impelled many notable companies to come actively in programs of secondary raw material recycling. Representatives of mass market were no exception. Thus, today famous brand H&M pays attention to recycling of polyester and works on implementation of tack on introduction of microfibers. For this purpose, the company invests in improvement of existing technique. Evident achievement within this area can be deemed that recycled synthetic material was used by manufacturer for creation of line of clothes of Conscious, which has a green label.

Upcycling technologies implemented in its manufacturing cycle also in Nike. In such way, famous manufacturer of sports products within last 6 years successfully recycled more than 2000000 plastic bottles whereof were created various goods later, in particular, shorts and uppers for holding Women’s World Cup tournament (USA, 2015).

In addition, success of Hungarian company SegraSegra, that creates jackets and T-shorts of recycled bicycle footing, can be noted. This list can be continued continuously.

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with upcycling in Europe. This is very popular and developed theme. Whole thematic shops appear, where you can buy designer shoes modifications and different household articles (a ceiling lamp of bottles etc.). Therefore, if we cannot stand singly against such global problems as a climate change and natural resources exhaustion, we surely can take a shot at such available direction as is upcycling. Thus, everyone who wishes is able to make a contribution to saving of environment and own budget!

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