Buyers change boutiques to second-hand stores

Покупатели меняют бутики на секонд-хенд

The quantity of buyers of new clothing has decreased in two times and the quantity of frequent visitors of second-hand stores has increasedin the same, as informs ZIKTV channel. Consequently, employees of dry-cleaners and repair shops have a lot of work on refinishing and washing of worn closing and shoes.

Everybody knows that prices in stores grow like a weed, and just in two days they can grow in half as or two times.Whereas, employees of second-hand stores noticed a growth in quantity of customers in the stores almost in two times, even regardless that price for one kilogram of the closing has doubled theretoo.

Buyers change boutiques to second-hand stores

The economists commentthisaspeople will continue to carry clothes in dry-cleaners and repair shops, which are loaded with work at full capacity, and this period is familiar to our country. Besides, compared to the previous situation when buyersof worn clothes were mostly ofsenior citizens and families with low income, buttodayit is complicated to understand of what social status are the customers of the second-hand.

For instance, students always tend to purchase clothing in brand stores in order to have a stylish look, but todayfor most of students shopping in brand stores isunaffordable. Even after significant growth of prices, they do not have to confine themselves atclothes purchase, as they visit not brand stores, but second-hand stores, where they buy cheap, whichever is less quality and stylish clothes being previously worn.

Profit increases not only in retail second-hand stores. Not less popularitygain online storeswhere quality wornclothes are sold, which was among others purchased indistribution centers of the second-hand, such as the WCG. The primary benefit of such stores is price. There, cost of goods is much lesser because anowner isnot ought to get extra charge for clothes in order to compensate a rent of a tradepremise. Manager of one of such online stores, who also is our customer, asserts that volume of orders for the period of spring and beginning of summer 2015 was greater, than the trading of the whole season in the last year.

It is very profitable to be engaged in second-hand trading now!

Buyers change boutiques to second-hand stores

To growth of income of owners of retail and online stores,assist a number of factors as follows:

  1. significant decrease of procurement prices for second-hand (we reduced prices);
  2. reducing of rental cost from lessors part;
  3. significant rise in demand for high-quality clothing at affordable prices;
  4. whish of people to save moneysomehow.

These factors greatly reduce expenses of ownersof the business, and whish of people to have a good look and to save family budget – increase their turnover and, hence,a profit, as well. If you think over to start business of such kind, you can become familiar with detailed guidance — How to start a second-hand store.

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