Fashionable Royal Recycling


Nothing human is alien to royal families, including affection to fashion and elegant pieces of clothes. Within several recent years more and more persons of European royal linage show on personal example how to skillfully and with taste use favorite dresses from their own wardrobes and how to practice a smart economy. Who from the privileged persons give us a perfect example in such modern trend as recycling?

Old Dress Does Not Mean Bad

Probably, the brightest demonstration of practical attitude to clothes can be considered commitment to recycling among quite rich and famous people. One of them is Katy Spenser – English aristocrat of ancient linage and niece of Princess Diana. Young celebrity bought glamorous pink dress from Jenni Button collection in the early 2015 and wore it three times during several seasons in range. Last time glamorous blond was seen in this dress on fashion week in Milan, where she shined in charming appearance as before.

Shall we note that even Princess Diana also had in her wardrobe favorite dresses and jewelries merited to be worn for second time? The Princess had worn old dresses from her wardrobe to many events and even called her favorite Catherine Walker bolero as ‘Elvis’s dress’.

Spanish Queen Letizia also keeps up the fashion trend to wear inexpensively, cheaply and with taste. The high-ranking person was able to pleasantly surprise everybody when she for the second time since 2011 decided to appear on fashion awarding ceremony 2016 in the dress of famous brand ZARA. In such a way, the bright dress with floral print, which the Queen bought on sale just for 39.95 Euros, had an honour to be shown to community for the second time in this summer.

One more Briton woman of royal linage, who is at the peak of global popularity and who engages eyes of millions of fashion admirers – Kate Middleton, also actively propagandize ideas of recycling. Everybody knows that the Duchess is an avid supporter of smart economy, being icon of style and one of first women of fashion in London at the same time. Catherin also does not hesitate to wear the same dresses for different events with having a perfect look in them. For example, Kate wore her favorite dress of dark-blue silk from Jenny Packham three times since 2013.

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