How to remove the smell of second-hand?

Alongside with constant growing of popularity of second-hand, buyers increasingly face the problem of unpleasant odor that they bring together with clothes bought in second-hand stores. Sometimes that odor is barely notable and disappears after first wash, but sometimes it does not just disappear after several washes, but even goes over to other things in cupboard, and follows person everywhere. What should we do in this case and how to remove odor of second-hand from your clothes, we tell you in this article.

Where does the smell come from?

To find out how to remove the smell of second-hand from clothing, firstly, we should understand its origin.

For care of your and our healthiness were established some sanitary codes, according to which all second-hand clothes, supplied to Ukraine from other countries, shall undergo treatment with special chemicals. This is done in order to destroy all flora and fauna, which could settle down there at the way to retail stores of second-hand. For these purposes are frequently used such poisons as formaldehyde and bromomethane, which, according to chemists, are absolutely harmless to people. However, as in any other area, there are dishonest and unexperienced suppliers, who very often overdose these chemicals and, as a result, the customer feels that suffocating odor of the clothes yet near store and sellers work at such extreme conditions in those stores every day.

How to get rid of it?

Firstly, we should point out that every businessperson would not worry about healthiness of his employees and puzzle how to reduce the smell of the second-hand, only in case if the WCG company would be chosen as a supplier. All our goods were processed only with best antiseptics, which means that every clothing will smell only as its new owner wishes!

However, you could not avoid a bad smell shopping, we can advise our customers two the most.

  1. Ammonia spirit

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Dissolve 20 ml 10% of ammonia spirit in five liters of water and soak a clothing in it. Depending on how the odor is strong, the soaking may last from ten minutes to couple of hours. After that, you should put a wiped clothing up in open air and let it air out.

  1. Soda, salt, vinegar

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It is a folk method and there is no exact proportions. You should dissolve the ingredients in water and soak a clothing.

Above methods help you to remove even very strong odor, but, at first, you may try to wash the clothing with softener for couple of times.

Of course, all those advices may help only to the end consumer. For businesspeople we may give one important advise – work with a reliable conscientious supplier, as is West Clothes Group, LTD.

Good luck and with wishes of not facing such problem!

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