How to start a second-hand store?

Магазин секонд-хенд

Difficulties that one could suffer during the process of employment, wish to invest the accumulated capital, and to increase it, are the push to search optimal solution. It could be own store of worn clothes. Opening a second-hand store is a way out of critical situation, which we have in our country today. Small own business opens more horizons comparing to work for hire.

Second-hand: current issues

Apart from new opportunities and building new strategy of development, own store is like a lifebuoy, also because of many our citizens try to save on clothes for their wardrobe today. Before the crisis many Ukrainians bought clothes, shoes, and other clothing in markets and were seeking for much cheaper trade marks, but this tendency become worse today. Relevance of worn clothes store is that you offer quality clothing to customers at reasonable price. In other words – you satisfy the demand.

By the way in European countries, this line of business is very developed. To 2 % of population of the European Union start second-hand stores and purchase clothes there. Citizens of the USA also prefer to buy clothes with huge discounts or clothes, being passed by someone else. Many top-line persons of TV use clothes beinginherited from someone else in everyday life. Starting the second-hand store affords to renew a wardrobe with minimal financial losses and establishing business is possible with minimal commitments.

How to start a second-hand store?

How to open second-hand store: initial investment

Having cling for idea of creation of own business, there is new question appear, – how much money is necessary for opening the second-hand store? The answer is provided below in figures. Important items of expenditure are:

  • Money for lease of premise,
  • Money for commercial equipment (hangers, mannequins, stands, counters),
  • Funds for purchase items which will be sold
  • Money for salaries of hired employees.

These provided four positions must be included to your business plan. In the process of planning, you should remember about reserve.

How to start a second-hand store?

Store, clothes and their placement

Business, its viability depend on number of buyers. That means that main role in success of the deed has location of the outlet. Recently opened second-hand stores, which bring significant profit to their owners from sale of worn clothes, are located in crowded places. They can be on bus stations, railway stations, underground stations, traffic intersections in big cities, markets. There people often buy clothes of necessity. Students are active buyers of worn clothes – as one from another, so in second-hand stores. For this reason, the store can be not far from dormitories or academic building. Popularity of cheap worn clothes grows continuously. Affordable cost and acceptable appearance are the key to success.

One of the main roles in creation of successful business has a right of ownership. In perfect word, store premise for second-hand purchasing shall be redeemed, but if you do not have such opportunity, than you can start selling clothes, that were previously in use, in rent spaces. Today many entrepreneurs seek for partners with whom they could divide monthly pay. That is why the given variant affords you to decrease the amount of initial investments.

How to start a second-hand store?

If you think that closing would be purchased straight after opening of the second-hand store, you are wrong. An advertising of goods is needed. Bright signboard, banners and various stands, flayers and business cards can attract huge amount of customers.

A light premise and correct display of goods are necessary for bringing income from the business. Basements and cellars do not attract even buyers of the cheapest clothes. It is better to open the second-hand store in light premise with neat windows and models of clothes – the best advertising.

Comfort of buyers is an integral part of business promotion. So, in the sales area must be fittings, hooks and hangers for clothes, baskets and boxes for small goods.

In particular we should say a couple of words about goods. It should be placed such that every buyer could take it, look it, and try it. The ideal variant are hangers and trempels. Even in the store of goods of used clothes has to have a decent view. Therefore, it is recommended to search a supplier with particular care and to sign a contract for regular supply of goods. You cannot also forget about goods reserve. Thus, you could adjust a frequency of purchase of clothing according to inventory turnover.

How to start a second-hand store?

How to open second-hand store, how to succeed in this line of business we told you. Such kind of business as the opening of second-hand store has many easy solutions and brings profit even in first months.

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