How to update your wardrobe for 2015?

flower print 2015

Not long time ago the new year has come, but even before its coming, fashion magazines of Ukraine with might and main discussed new fashion trends of coming year. What exactly Ukrainian fashionistas will wear and how to update wardrobe without causing losses to your purse? For all those questions, we will answer in this article below.

So, what will be fashionable in 2015?

etno 2015Now, it is February and it means that soon spring will come and to that time every Ukrainian fashionista has to be ahead and renewed in order to be ready to meet a period of nature awaking.

flowers 2015For those, who carefully follow fashion news, the fact that a tendency to repetition, i.e. almost every new collection from world-famous designers contains echoes of past, carrying general idea in haut couture world, would not be a revelation. Thus, new collections of previous year aligned with fashions of 60s years of 20th centaury. This year fashion trends have many in common with fashion of 1970s. Therefore, we have good news for followers of Vintage trend!

Color and, of course, cut of clothes remain the main when choosing fashion clothing. As for colors, we can safely say that classic combinations of such colors as black and white, gray and pink etc, still remain in fashion. A special thing of 2015 became a bright yellow color, trying which, every its happy holder, for sure, will get a charge of positive emotions for all day. Goods made of denim, suede, various prints and much more, all this is not only allowed, but it have to be in wardrobe of stylish people in this year.

How to save on stylish closing?

palto 2015Anyone, who tried to dress in accordance with fashion trends of season at least once a life, knows very well how much this could cost. And accounting the fact, that Ukrainian men and women experience not the best times, it turns almost impossible.

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