Myths of second-hand

Today it is complicated to surprise someone with unique new clothing of foreign origin from shelves of expensive boutiques and small cheap stores with clothing. However, all new things in cheap stores have frequently one country of manufacture – China. But finding and buying really quality clothing of European brand is still a problem of average citizen of Ukrainian cities and towns.

Commonly, when we see a man wearing brand quality clothing, we feel admiration for his impeccable style and catch a thought about his handsome affluence. But only few people know that in 90% of such occurrences that person do shopping exactly in second-hand stores. As it comes, that second-hand stores and outlet-centers are almost the only places where it is possible to find actually quality European clothing. Unfortunately, inasmuch as many citizens in our country still are affected by various myths of such stores, there are not much people, who risk to purchase clothes in there. Let we together dispell popular firmly established yet from 90-s the myth of second-hand.

Myth 1. Clothing from second-hand stores can be infected or dirty

In fact, it is nonsense. Every person, who just once has purchased clothing in second-hand stores or visited stores of such kind, knows fully well that there is always a peculiar smell. That smell on clothes appears after cleaning and disinfection, by which all goods are treated without distinction. They are treated with hot stream and fumigatory gaz. This fact completely disapproves the myth of dirtiness and danger of goods in second-hand stores.

Myth 2. Destination of clothes in second-hand is defined by image on their package

Earlier many people believed that if they saw a helicopter on a package in second-hand, they should refuse purchase such goods immediately. Why? Because they supposed that the helicopter indicated an intended purpose of things – they should be thrown from air in poorest areas of hungry countries as a humanitarian aid. However, it is not true. Different logos on packages can also have another meaning – a logo of a charitable organization, to which money would be sent after purchase of second-hand in Ukraine.

Myth 3. A “cash aid” from foreigners could be found in pockets of clothing of second-hand

Indeed, many people for sure heard stories from friends about money found in pockets of clothes from second-hand stores. But, we hasten to disappoint you aforehand – it is not a charity from foreigners. Common people, who donate their clothes to consignment stores, sometimes may forget little cash or coins in pockets. Furthermore, purchasers check all clothes that they sell. In this connection, it is hardly a possibility to become rich on searching money in pockets of goods from shelves of second-hand stores.

Myth 4. Owners of second-hand stores sell ‘humanitarian assistance’, which should be free of charge

This myth has a grain of truth. Sometimes in second-hand stores can appear clothes, sent to Ukraine with the purpose of a charity aid. However, such happens rarely. Commonly, clothing is collected abroad and sent to our country with the purpose of legal purchase. Besides, the fact that sometimes church parishioners or volunteers sell gifted them clothing, just evidences that they need money, as many other people

Myth 5. Second-hand is a store of poor and clothing in there is in bad condition

This myth has been dispelled long ago. But those who do not know yet we inform that frequent visitors of second-hand stores, along with common people, often are rich and even famous people. It is almost impossible to find original vintage clothing in modern stores, that is why people with extraordinary taste prefer to find clothing here. Second-hand stores are the best source of searching of vintage clothing, notably those clothes are of perfect quality in most of cases!

Of course, in every second-hand store are clothes in too bad condition, but, nevertheless, most of them are distinguished not only with good, but perfect condition, comparing with goods, presented in modern stores.

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