News of second-hand market in Ukraine

Магазин секонд-хенд

Who would have thought but even ten years ago Ukrainians were quite critical to second-hand. For about five years ago, a labour second-hand market in Ukraine quicken and Ukrainians massively gone to stores, selling such kind of goods. There are several reasons of this, and the main one is quite low incomes of Ukrainians. As a result, this market segment became progress actively, and, what is essential, quality of second-hand clothes and shoes is growing proportionally to demand on it.

Магазин секонд-хенд

Despite quantity of second-hand stores in every town of Ukraine, the demand remains unsatisfied. To such decision can come everyone if become to such store and see all in his own eyes.

It is not so long, when most of customers of second-hand stores came there mostly to buy clothes for country houses, for going to countryside, and children clothes at possibly cheapest price. Very often young parents were met there, they sought tiny clothes for their babies, since children clothes become unnecessary quickly or a baby grows it out. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Of course, older people continue going to such stores in order to save money on clothes buying, but many people have understood long ago that there could be frequently found high-quality clothes from European and American manufacturers, and, besides, those clothes are in good condition. In Ukraine, it is impossible to buy such goods just like that, and if you buy them, than you would do it not at second-hand price.

Every age category of Ukrainians have its reasons to visit second-hand stores. Recently, a number of young buyers increased significantly. Most of them are “hunters” for exclusive closing of world famous brands, which more and more frequently appear on shelves of the second-hand stores. Moreover, buyers of other age groups come there more and more frequently in order not only to satisfy their necessities in clothes, but to buy quality, and, for sure, stylish and fashionable clothes as well.

According to approximate estimates, recently a level of sales of new clothes in stores of Ukraine dropped not less than for 30%. The same could be said about things from markets, where cheap clothes of low quality are sold. One of the reasons of this, leading to such situation, are stores of the European second-hand, which are of serious competition.

Shopping for clothing in second-hand store

Today, almost every day in the whole Ukraine stores, selling second-hand goods, are opening, and with every day this word begins to cause more positive associations to people. Yet in 2009, basic mass of second-hand stores were opened in cities, but today in central cities of regions, and in towns their quantity is equal and most of owners of second-hand business  continue to expand their chains of stores throughout the country.

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