New destiny of old jeans


Recyclable materials are not a hindrance for true style! Exactly in such way many popular designers of fashionable and stylish clothes all around the world think more commonly. The trend of secondary use of used materials continues to capture the planet. Thus, to wear second-hand, adhere recycling, live in new philosophy of ecological economics – is a long-term trend of fashion seasons for many further years.

Old jeans in aid of eco fashion

Fine example of realization of modern philosophy of conservation of natural resources is recycling of old clothes. Bright and stylish young designer ASYA SOLOV’EVA started an exciting campaign – collecting old jeans for letting down fresh capsule collection. From collected out-of-fashion denim elements of wardrobes of her admirers, Asya is going to create unique collection of stylish, practical and comfortable clothes. Denim clothes of any color and texture will be used by the designer as basic materials for tailoring attires by original sketches. A part of funds collected from the purchase of the collection will be sent to support different ecological projects.

Also, bright and original examples of transformation of old fabric into absolutely exclusive new things are proposed to us by INK Inklusive studio. In order to receive new and fresh images, creative team recourses to different means and methods of clothes creation among which comes out ecological initiatives at first stage – naturalness, clearness and simplicity of texture. European youth brand from Amsterdam preaches the philosophy of quality and style on basis of ecological clearness. Simple shears and textures are changed into original outlines due to use of stocks of pure and strong cotton by team of skilled professionals. The representatives of this brand are convicted that fabric able to endure any time and loads is a perfect material for embodiment off-season unisex fashion.

Starry sky in denim fabric

 How to give new live to jeans? Here we offer to our readers to return in their minds to school on lessons of Arts in order to evaluate and try on practice useful workshop as much as possible. In course of this lesson, we will try to draw starry sky at old jeans by creating ultrafashionable new cloth in your wardrobe. For this:

  1. Prepare cloth paints of blue, light-blue, white, violet colors, as well as protecting film for furniture, gloves, mask, sprayer, sponge, old tooth brush and bleach.
  2. Lay your old jeans of simple cutout and suitable size on working surface covered with a protecting film.
  3. Fill in sprayer with bleach, wear mask and gloves. Start to create first traits of starry sky – light spots with stains on dark denim fabric.
  4. Mix paints of different colors or dip a sponge in every color of paint separately. Plot the paints by sponge around the spots with stains with light movements, creating the effect of night starry sky.
  5. In order to place final strokes (‘stars’), dip old tooth brush into white paint and spray it with light movements of finger against bristle into painted jeans. Your new masterpiece of own manufacturing is ready!


Cooperating with WCG you always can march in step with time realizing new youth philosophy, supporting fashion ecological trends, as well as creating unique style. And, of course, gaining good profit of it!

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