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Second-hand of cream category – high profit and customers’ attraction Everybody knows for sure what is second-hand. In this article, we would like ...
Door to door
Оригинальный секонд хенд
Door to door are called unsorted second-hand clothes. In England such kind of goods is also called “Door to Door”, that means “from door to door”, ...
Сортированный секонд хенд
Quality second-hand is frequently characterized higher than things of modern manufacturers. Clothes of famous European brands, after sorting, ...

Wholesale second hand

«Door to door» are called unsorted second-hand clothes, i.e. goods, which were not previously sorted. In Great Britain such goods are called “Door to Door” as they are delivered directly from houses of Britons to warehouses of a company collecting clothes. Volunteers in England spread to doors of dwellings leaflets and branded bags with stated date and time of clothes collecting, among those clothes usually are many completely new and almost unused clothes. Next, at agreed day, all collected packages are delivered to warehouses of the company collecting the clothes, where they are not opened but further transported to wholesale second-hand warehouse in Kyiv, and there they are sold to consumers.

«Sorting» is a high quality second-hand, and it is completed with clothes, that no one wore (it is defined with label of boutique, where it was purchased) and goods that were worn (evaluate by several indexes of clothes exhaust and its appearance).

There exist many criteria of dividing to types and groups of the sorting. We may say that each manufacturer has own, however, let’s make estimated general classification:

  • «Cream» is mainly clothes with labels and minimal per cent of wearing, without spots and tears.
  • «Luxe» or «Extra» are the less worn clothes. Sellers of second-hand also call them «Prime Quality», because the quality perfectly balances with price.
  • «Prime Quality» are worn clothes, sings of wearing are visible but are not of bad quality.
  • «Second Quality» are clothes of low quality with spots, tears etc.
  • «Third Quality» – clothes of quality unsuitable for wearing.

Our company deals with deliveries of goods only «Cream» highest quality.

Company WestClothesGroup offers to its visitors to buy second-hand by wholesale from England and whole Great Britain. In the Price list page in heading «Door to door» you can find prices for wholesale purchase of goods from cities and districts: Newcastle, Leicester, Nottingham, Bradford, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and other, and in heading «Sorting» you can find price for «Cream» second-hand class. Besides, you will find information about stock status and cost of bulk order of goods.