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Second-hand of cream category – high profit and customers’ attraction

Everybody knows for sure what is second-hand. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at such kind of second-hand clothing as Cream, and will try to explain why exactly this kind brings the most profit and attracts buyers all over whole Ukraine.

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The name of this kind of sorting is translated from English as “Cream”. Having knowing it, it is very easy to draw analogy and understand that the clothing of the “Cream” sorting is selected and sorted from other clothing, in the same way as cream is collected from surface of milk. Exactly on such principle, our distributor from Great Britain works – a factory for recycling and sorting clothing in Central England. Further, those clothing could be compared with clothing of luxury category, that are sold in chic boutiques of our country, only new ones, which are affordable for at most of 5 % of people of our country. Buy second hand Cream.

Buy second hand Cream

  1. First «YES» in favour of the “Cream” second-hand

You should not think if it is second-hand, so all this clothing is worn and damaged. Each clothing, being collected from this kind of sorting, is not just good looking, it is either totally new or looks like new, and this is one of the weightiest “YES” in favour of clothing of the “Cream” category. It is necessary to understand, that every person, who comes to the second-hand store, seeks to find and buy clothing which would look like new and at that it would cost several times cheaper than its Chinese fellows.

Buy second hand Cream

  1. In the quest of brand clothing

One more advantage of second-hand of the “Cream” category is that its availability in your store would attract buyers of very different age groups, each of which would attempt to get to your store, or to save at buying of quality clothes in maximum, or just because cannot afford to buy new clothes, however, there will be such kind of customers, who would consistently visit your store at days of new deliveries in order to seek single branded clothing on shelves. Yes, yes, it is for sure!

Exactly branded clothes of famous European and American design houses very often are met in this sorting.

Buy second hand Cream

  1. Season clothes for each and every

Except branded clothes, here you can very frequently find new and stylish clothing for children and teenagers, who grow up so fast that very often are not able to wear a dress, jumpsuits or trousers, that European parents bought for them.

The matter also is in that here you can find clothing not only for children or adults, but also for people of all ages and body build. It is very frequently happens that the one, who went through boutiques and clothing stores for weeks long with the aim to find fitting size (either of very small, or very big size), find the exact thing in second-hand stores, and timely seasonable change of assortment of clothing will attract much more buyers.

In order to have success in second-hand business, firstly you should find a bona fide wholesale supplier, such as WCG company and further rest is up to small!

Buy second hand Cream

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