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Door to door

Door to door are called unsorted second-hand clothes. In England such kind of goods is also called “Door to Door”, that means “from door to door”, namely it implies that those goods, which appear at warehouse of a company collecting clothes, are from people to whom those clothes belong.

Ways of goods collecting.

Volunteers, who collect such goods, go from house to house or from flat to flat and ask to help people from poor countries. Together with leaflets containing calls for help, they hand round corporate packages of the company collecting such clothes. They can leave the packages next to dwelling doors. Leaflets, therewith, contain information about time and day of week when representatives of the company would collect such clothes.

Next step.

At the appointed time, the English put the collected clothes into packages and leave them next to their doors. There could be different clothes, toys etc. Besides, we ought to note that clothes from Great Britain differ with a good quality and are in perfect condition. This is stipulated with the fact that people of this country spend big money for shopping and as frequently happens they do not need those  clothes, despite its good condition.

Why such clothes are often packed in garbage bags?

It is very easy, sometimes volunteers have only printed leaflets, having no packages, or they collected so many clothes that they cannot place them into the given packages. At those cases, people, who want to help, put all clothes into garbage bags.

How bags are collected and come to warehouses

So called “drivers”, who collect bags, bring them all by tracks to warehouse, where bags without opening, what is very important, are packed for delivery. Since the goods were not examined and sorted, the bags may contain everything. That means that people can put there things from hair-slide to brand leather coat, which are in good condition. When you buy sorting, you pay quite expensive price and this is quite good clothes. If you decide to buy original – it’s a lottery, sometimes there could be things by which you may pay off expenses of all lot. However, it may not. As luck would have it. At any case, everything could be sold in second-hand. So you will not be in loss.

How the goods are exported.

From warehouse of the company, where “drivers” brought the goods, they come to warehouse of our company. In Europe, our forwarding agents accompany a vehicle with goods, thus we guarantee that goods from doors of people who gave their clothes, come to us immediately and then to shop counters of our stores.

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