Сортированный секонд хенд


Quality second-hand is frequently characterized higher than things of modern manufacturers. Clothes of famous European brands, after sorting, directly at export point, correspond to requirements of both, buyers and customers. Second-hand sorting is very important, if you want to save face of store and attract customers. The secret is in optimality of this variant and opportunity to select easily something “for yourself”: the products are separated by seasons, frazzle and general quality to price.

First is sorting by age and sex. Once one of the criteria is defined, goes the second – the main, which relates to any kind of clothes (independently of time of year, age restrictions and type) – exhaustion level or quality. Sometimes on the market of “second-hand clothes” you can find entirely new things or clothes without visual signs of  exhaust. Such class of clothes is called “Cream”, it is the most expansive and top of the range, but its price is much lesser than new things even of worse quality. We deliver exactly the same, high quality goods with prices which you can find on page price list.

Further is “Luxe” or “Extra” class – minimal percent of previous wearing. In its turn, it is called as “Prime Quality” because of good balance between quality and price. Then clothes are separated to first, second and third categories. While the first one is of quite reasonable quality, the second one may contain clothes not good for wearing, and the third one – completely old clothes and tore clothes that could be shipped to companies for technical works.

Typically, people need to replenish a wardrobe with some things at change of a season. Sometimes it happens that in mornings when going to work first frosts catch you, and except old jeans jacket you have nothing to wear. A visit to store matures. Consequently, of course, products are sorted and by seasons too. Besides, at quality sorting of second-hand in England, it would be much easier to find clothes that fit exactly to you and exactly for definite weather (even if the “winter”  is a loose concept).

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