Prices rise? Not in our stores!

The statistics show that prices for second-hand do not stop rising in resent six months. Today, price increase on retail second-hand market reaches 30-50%. It is all a fault of rising of currency exchange rate, since almost all second-hand in Ukraine is imported to us abroad, and prices for those goods vary, depending on those digits, respectively.

Earlier, second-hand stores were as a lifebuoy for most people of our country, as approximately 45% of people of Ukraine bought clothes and shoes exactly in such stores. In this way, it was possible to save significant amounts of money at buying both winter and summer clothing for all family. Even if those clothes were not new, they still were and are of higher quality, than those on shelves of stores with new clothing and shoes.

Even though such rising of prices, Ukrainians continue prefer second-hand stores, but with less enthusiasm. Most of citizens of the capital are outraged by this tendency, but not having other opportunity, they continue visit such stores, though rarely.

Retail second-hand stores are well-known not only among those who need to renew their wardrobe. Volunteers come here in order to find cheap clothes and rag for many months. They use them for different purposes, but the main one is weaving camouflage nets for the Army. Since prices for closing of higher and less quality rise pro rata, the volunteers say that the prices gradually become more and more impossible. What to do?

Растут цены? Только не у нас!

There is good news!

This news relates directly to our customers, i.e. large-wholesale, small-wholesale and retail sellers of second-hand. Once you have become our customer, you are able to save significantly on purchases and make goods more affordable for your customers. Second-hand original wholesale in Kyiv – just WCG!

Having frozen our prices and making discount of 10 per cent, we offer you to save a considerable amount on wholesale purchase of goods and, quality of clothes remain on the same level, i.e. the highest! We sell mostly new and almost unworn clothes, which means you will never feel lack of buyers, since almost every Ukrainian tends to save maximum money when buying clothes as for himself, as well for all his family, and even for its little members.

Once you have become our customer, you will receive many advantages, such as: cheap prices, professionalism and of course, high level of service.

In case of any issues, do not hesitate to get touch with us in any convenient way or come to our office at the address on web-site.

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