Recycling in Holland style: surrealism in store of rubbish


Have you ever had a shopping in Rotterdam? The answer to this question will likely be negative. Unfortunately, few of our citizens are able to go for a shopping in European countries, especially in wonderful and creative Holland city Rotterdam. It is a pity, since exactly in this city it is possible to learn unusual and still little-known art of creation of design masterpieces of improvised materials for common Ukrainian.

Like many of modern Europeans, the citizens of Holland are very clean and ecologically educated nation. Small citizens of this beautiful land from early years are taught to care of environment and their health – eat healthy, wear clothes of environmentally-friendly materials, recycle waste and use any improvised materials for creativity and expanding boundaries of thinking.

Store of Rubbish is European Reality

The magnificent city of Rotterdam immediately impresses its visitors as it really repletes with surrealism. On the streets over here and over there, shocking sculptures, wall paintings, architectural specialties and art installations inconceivable for people with limited imagination, are seen. It shall be noted that Europeans highly appreciate hand works as well as any demonstration of creativity, weather it is clothing design, painting or sculpture.

Can you imagine a store of rubbish? But it really exists and it incredibly goes down to treat among citizens of Rotterdam! Which things are sold there? Everything you can imagine: caps from bottles, ribbons, used cables, old vinyl records, boxes for disks, helmets, pieces of chalk, old nails, and other stuff that we sent to garbage hole in our country. While Europeans do not only throw out all ecologically clean rubbish, but also they expose them on sale! What for? In order that other people could buy materials for their hobbies and frequently – for creation of real masterpieces costing fabulous amounts of money in Holland.

What are the benefits of the rubbish store? Let’s see:

  • household rubbish is collected in one place and does not solid environment;
  • more people can use the collected in one place improvised materials for creativity and creation of objects of art;
  • it is undoubtedly beneficial for owners who sell mass-volume of second-handed and used stuff.

The huge plus of the store with rubbish is possibility to lead there children, who can create tirelessly and realize importance of preserving purity of environment from early years. Small visitors accompanied by their parents receive enormous experience in craftsmanship of different crafts, expand their consciousness, develop imagination and prepare to become great artists and designers.

For further persuasion of great future for those children it is enough to look at modern older Holland citizens, who can afford to make installations and art-objects of improvised materials and to sell them later for big amounts in the age of 40. Only thing that remained to all of us is to learn the art from Holland recycling – the European way of thinking, which indeed is the first step to the European style of life! Read more about this and many other things in blog of our WCG company.

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