Ukrainian type recycling: how second hands save Ukrainian economy


Nobody can be surprised by lines to second hands. Rapid decline in the Ukrainian economy becomes an impetus for development of another life style or attitude to clothing – smarter and more saving. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens throughout the country still love to dress fashionably, however, very few can afford shipping in expensive boutiques nowadays. Big and small settlements throughout Ukraine are literary covered by second hand mania – people make long lines long before opening of stores with “cheap” clothes in order to have a chance to take best clothes brought from foreign countries at affordable prices. History could be sad if it would not have one positive moment!

One of the core benefits of new Ukrainian second-hand devotion is that more and more people betake to useful ideological recycling movement. Every time when you buy or sell worn clothes, a person becomes a real rescuer of our planet, even when the person does not realize it. Also, every second hand visitor can renew his or her wardrobe with quality, brand clothes with affordable economy. The nature is saved and you are warmed and look stylish without spending huge amounts of moneys! What can be better?

Much better can feel only owner of second hand store! When you open sales outlet with clothes at affordable prices brought from foreign countries, you invest in your future. Exactly in such way modern second hand stores really made their contribution in development of Ukrainian economy, as goods are gobbled up in those stores. Owner of retail chain on sale of worn clothes brought from foreign countries has permanently renewable assortments with reliably high and constant increase in customers and values of sales every day. Second hand sales increase from season to season and demand for this type of products just gathers pace due to deteriorating economic situation in the country.

For those who does not know yet, quality and stylish clothes from European brands can be bought in wholesale company WCG – authorized second hand supplier for retail outlets throughout Ukraine. Wholesales clothes come to us from Europe, where they are carefully sorted and undergone a special steaming. Clean, completely sterile and safe for wearing clothes, shoes and accessories are brought to distribution center in the capital of Ukraine, where they are stored for sending to regular customers – owners of second hand stores in regions.

Saving the planet and at the same time Ukrainian economy – it is a truly good end for a young entrepreneur! Don’t miss your chance to join to fashionable recycling as soon as possible – rational and economical way of life of modern Ukrainians!

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