Sack of second-hand or wardrobe updating on “Novyi”

In pursuit of fashionable and stylish new clothes for a wardrobe, a show presenter of the “Novyi” TV channel, Katia Pavliuchenko, visited retail second-hand store within a scope of “Cheap and Cheerful” TV program. Where else can we go for cheap and quality clothes today? To her amazement, exactly there she could find actually exclusive clothes from top worldwide manufacturers – nature leather sandals, scarves, accessories, including even glasses of reputed Bvlgari brand.

A storekeeper of a second-hand store was dressed in marvelous clothes from reputed manufacturers and came to work by Mercedes of business class. Katia pondered: where did the storekeeper of a second-hand store take all those clothes and how much did he earn on their realization?

Thus, Catherine set out the task to find out a place, where it was possible to find brand clothes at purchase prices. A brief search lead her to one wholesales warehouse of second-hand. There she revealed a huge amount of clothes packed in packages with labels of different countries. Such assortment really made Kate’s head whirling. There were collected clothes from England, Belgium, Spain, and other European countries. The first question in which was interested Kate was about a pricing policy and originality of the clothes. She was assured that the clothes were actually delivered from Europe, and, at this, prices for them were completely affordable.

Second-hand sorted by quality and importing countries was sold by weight. Exactly in such way all “kings of second-hand” update their wardrobes, and then often put their things on sale with an incredible price makeup. The journalist was allowed to unpack packages and certain personally in quality and originality of clothes.

What did Kate find in an unpacked sack? There were almost new clothes with labels of fashion brands and some of them were with original prices. For instance, in the assortment was a blouse with an old price label for 24 Euros. Also, the sack with clothes contained new fashion sandals, leather handbags, and scarves of natural chiffon fabrics. You may ask is it a fantasy? No, that’s reality.


Exactly such clothes from Europe and Great Britain come to WCG wholesale warehouse in Ukraine, and from there the clothes are forwarded to retail second-hand outlets for sale.

However, at that stage Kate did not finish her experiment with buying clothes in wholesale warehouse. In pursuit of a “profit”, she visited a vintage shop for evaluation and resale of bought clothes. It is hard to believe but an experienced valuer of the said shop evaluated the handbag from the sack, attention, in 1000 hryvnias! Is it necessary to say something about other clothes? By the end of the TV program, not less experienced fashion bloggers could not even assume that she was wearing in second-hand and tried to evaluate her “look”. Conjectured cost reached even 20 thousand hryvnias. And that was just a “sortie” of a single buyer, and what should be said about storekeepers of retail second-hands, what profit they can have visiting a similar warehouse? So, the conclusions are obvious: let’s start new business!

You may say that dressing in second-hand from England is “cheap and cheerful”. It is not so! First of all, it is qualitatively, stylish and profitable.

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