Shopping is cancelled in England. There is everything in Ukraine!


Many fashionists and fashionistas prefer to replenish their wardrobes with vintage clothes that bring out their unique and exclusive style. Really stylish clothing, falling under the ‘vintage’ category, is better to search on streets of England, where among fashion branded boutiques are many small outlet stores of second-hand, jumble sales and flea markets. Exactly there you can find really unique and exclusive clothes which are waiting for their proud owners. Such clothing excels in its creative style and wonderful quality, and its cost does not hit pockets of lovers to be distinguished from a crowd as strong, as modern collections of branded clothes.

Shopping is widely spread in England both among common inhabitants and among world-famous stars. Every year, hundreds thousands of tourists, ready spending hours for viewing and trying on unique clothing that does not have counterparts in the world, come flying to England to visit jumble sales. Nevertheless, settle for, it is far from everybody, who can afford to him-/herself to visit England at least couple times per year for buying really stylish vintage clothes and accessories.

Each of vintage clothing is priceless

The secret of popularity of vintage second-hand is in its natural quality and unimaginable design, enveloping the most diverse directions. Each such clothing has its amazing story of creation, replete with a spirit of fashion weeks of London and Paris. Besides, no one has repealed a strong correspondence to the European standards – dresses, coats, sweaters, skirts, and trousers have absolutely straight, correct cut, and models of clothing always correspond to sizes.

English second-hand always differs with highest level of tailoring, perfect quality of fabrics, and exclusive design. Exactly for these components inhabitants of many countries come for shopping to England. Every self-respecting ‘dandy’ knows very well that it is impossible to find any other place with such amazing clothes, which would help him to create a truly individual style.

On local jumble sales and second-hands often are sold clothes tailored by famous designers from the whole world. Also, here you can find unique designer models that are unfamiliar to anyone yet. These make clothes from English second-hand special and inimitable. Every fashionist and fashionista of our country dream about adding their wardrobes with such clothes.

We shall note that even people who prefer exceptionally classic, conservative, or office dressing, not less than others love vintage second-hand. Conservative dressing can be tailored from unique tweed from Coco Chanel epoch, which cannot be found even in most elite boutiques of world brands.

England is already nearby!

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Until particular time in past, only the very few of inhabitants could afford to buy the above stated individual clothing. The rest of people had to content with assortment of local second-hands that often cannot be compared to their western counterparts. However, currently you can change everything dramatically: stylish clothes from England can be bought at affordable prices in Ukraine! To do this it is unnecessary to order deliveries from the distant island. All quality vintage for creation of individual style of your clients is waiting for buyers in “WCG” wholesale warehouse.

Our company handles purchases and realization of indeed quality European clothes. In our goods are presented dressings that include a ‘retro’ style. All the clothes are presented at affordable price bracket and can satisfy requests of any your client, independently of age and tastes, including even smallest members of family. We have really huge assortment!

Making business purchases of goods from “WCG” company, you help your clients to renew wardrobes with pleasure and not only to save money, but also to receive clothes with European quality of tailoring from first class fabrics, manufactured in exclusive branded design. Let your competitors quietly envy, as they cannot display similar exclusive assortment. Make correct purchases without huge expenses of nerves, money, and time!

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