Spy passion and second-hand: history in a pocket


Most recently, a unique situation, which scenario will remind a detective plot to many people, occurred in one Welsh town of Porthmadog. Employees of a small shop, which sells clothes and other things for many years, have found a drawing of the nuclear submarine in one of the suitcases with old books.

Features of the finding

The sellers together with the owner of the “Bernardinos” shop, Stella Parker, were very surprised when they found this ‘treasure’ and were waiting for calling from Russian spies, as it was in famous films. However, there was no calling, though a desire to play in investigators was strong enough. As a result, they came to the collective decision to put the finding at an auction.

In order to understand the value of this drawing, we share some facts about the Trafalgar submarine:

  • total cost is 200 mln. pounds;
  • launched in 1979 and decommissioned in 2009 – it had proudly served 30 years the Royal Navy;
  • was a participant in the Afghan operation;
  • first submarine from which the Tomahawk missile was launched.

Experts, who examined the finding, stated that it is most likely that this drawing was hanged on the boat for better crew compartments orientation. Despite the fact that the boat has already been decommissioned, value of the drawing is difficult to challenge.

“Treasure” in lining

Employees of the second-hand shop say they do not know who brought them this suitcase. Despite the fact that they quite commonly find bonuses in clothes, they never have such situations. The chart of the boat was found in a lining of a suitcase and it had a very impressive size – more than half a meter in length.

“A man, who brought it to the charity shop, was hardly aware of existence of such a bonus in the bag”, – said the store headmistress. Experts admitted that the drawing could be developed by the company that designed the boat, namely, Vickers.

The Trafalgar boat has proudly served the UK for about three decades. For that time it patrolled the Arctic waters for many times, but in 2009 it ran aground near the island of Skye during training manoeuvres. This situation has cost a vast deal of money in the amount of 5 million pounds to the Kingdom, after which the boat was decommissioned and no longer operated.

When buying clothes in second-hand, you can become a part of history by getting into your hands unique finds. Perhaps, it will be something more important and you can discover the secrets carefully hidden by the history. But even if your purchase is not rarity, nevertheless, you will take advantages as clothes of such high quality at such low price is the finding itself!

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