Stars also dress a second-hand!

It is not a piece of news that second-hand stores become more popular not only among people with low and middle income, but, the upper strata of citizens of Ukraine and the whole world, including. Even stars of world scale are not shamed of solving their huge fees to purchase clothing in vintage stores and in flea markets.

If we consider world of Hollywood stars in detail, we can easily find along not only with adherents of Haute Couture clothing, but even adherents of real vintage clothing with a history.

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Thus, one of the most inveterate ‘hunters’ for a second-hand is Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, whom was seen in second-hand stores with children by paparazzi a good many times. Moreover, in 2001 she appeared on the Red Carpet in a dress, bought in vintage store. As later wrote press tribes, she searched an perfect attire for that ceremony for a long time and after the most famous designers could not offer her the one she wanted, she came across ‘that one’, which was recognized as the best one at that evening.

One more famous person, who drops by flea markets in search of clothing for several dozen years, is Barbra Streisand. In 90-s she declared publically about her avocation, shortly after that, New York Times newspaper called her a passionate fan of vintage and published an article about popularity of clothes from second-hand.

Much fascinating news for many people is that not only women half of Hollywood celebrities prefer a second-hand. Thus, for instance, Johnny Depp by himself does not deny to himself in a pleasure to dig in clothes that had an owner a hundred years ago. But we cannot say the same about his wife and children, who do not betray a habit to get dressing in trendy boutiques.

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To that list can be added such famous people as Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, Sharon Stone, Lara Spencer etc. Does anybody know how many adherents of second-hand prefer to stay disclosed?

Second-hand becomes a real new-fashioned movement worldwide.  Than what we can say about Ukraine, where today almost at every step new stores with exclusive clothing, brought from abroad, opens. Most of us even forget that simply several months earlier those clothes had another owner.

So, you should not be surprised if during next visit to a second-hand store you meet a representative of Ukrainian show business.

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