The cost of second-hand can grow up to 6 times

Рост цен на секонд-хенд

If the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU, which is now being prepared for signature, not amend, the goods belonging to the group of “second-hand” will increase in price by about 6 times.

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine held a meeting regarding the orderly importation and sale of “second-hand”. The meeting was held without the representatives of the Association of Dealers “second-hand” of Ukraine. It discussed the Annex 1-B of the Association Agreement with the EU. The essence of the Annex is to make the import price for second-hand goods in the amount of 30% of the average import value for the previous year on goods textile and knitted garments. The average import price in the last year was about $ 20 per kilogram, so the cost of import of second-hand will be about $ 6 per kilogram.

If you do not make changes to the Annex, second hand ceases to exist as a cheaper option of clothing for poor people.

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