Time Opportunities – open a new business

Откройте новый бизнес совместно с West Clothes Group

Especially for our site ain.ua company conducted market analysis. To open a second-hand shop should budget about 45 000 UAH.

For more information about the costs for the new second-hand store in the table:

Budget Item Сost Notes
Rent 10000 Rental medium statistical store in Kiev total area of ​​55 sq m
Electricity, telephone, Internet 800 Internet, telephone – optional. Then the cost will be less
Equipment 6000 Racks, cabanas, mirrors, baskets, clothes hangers, etc.
Advertising 2000 signboard, banner ads, offline and online
Taxes 700 Single Contribution and the single tax 3rd group – 4% (move to the 2nd group – when cash will exceed 6100 UAH)
Goods 26000 Calculation: 10 kg product per 1 sq m sales area. In our case: 55 sq m total = 40 sq ft showroom. The price of 1 kg = 3,3 $
Total 45500

The full analysis of the market on the site ain.ua.

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