Price of fashion or why SECOND HAND will save the planet


Protection of the environment, environmental problems, pollution of the global ocean – everyone frequently hears about these and other problems. But in cycle of life events ordinary person rarely thinks about the stated issues that, in fact, also concern him or her and in a very direct way.

All people wear clothes – expensive or cheap, from latest fashion collections or bought on sales, genuine or synthetical. There is no getting around, but there are a few people who know what price is paid by humanity for a possibility to buy several glamour pairs of jeans once a season.

Documentary film RiverBlue shows the real price of fashion

In 2016 on the Vancouver International Film Festival, the RiverBlue film of Director David McIlvride and Mark Angelo worldwide known river conservationist was presented. The film tells about the problem of pollution of rivers by fashion industry and its consequences for our planet, and for future of humanity. Canadian actor and river conservationist Jason Priestley tells viewers about secrets of clothes’ manufacturing, of which ordinary people cannot even imagine when they buy stylish new clothes in shops.

Mark Angelo traveled all, even poorest parts of the planet, – India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, – and saw with his eyes the natural damage from clothes’ manufacturing by giant factories.

Consequences of mass manufacturing of clothes:

  • 28 trillions of gallons of clear water are used in fashion industry every year;
  • atrocious working conditions of people, especially in poor countries;
  • use of chemicals in manufacturing process and further their discharge into rivers;
  • drying and silting of rivers;
  • use of water from polluted rivers for fields irrigation, penetration of chemicals into food;
  • water ingestion from polluted river to the World Ocean and mass poisoning of its inhabitants.

This film is obligatory for viewing to everyone, as all people are responsible for the things that happen in our common home – our Planet Earth.

Possible solutions of the issue

Mark Angelo sees the solution of this issue in increasing of conscience and awareness of consumers. Thus, if manufactures of clothes will decrease damage that they cause by more sparing and eco-friendly ways of manufacturing, without use of chemistry and clear water, then it will be possible to escape the ecological disaster that reaches day by day.

It is known that the fashion industry is very sensitive exactly to buyer. One can wear a thing till it becomes useless, and another one can wear a thing several times, throw it out and buy a new one, more fashionable. As it is said: demand breeds supply, as a result there are gathered mountains of almost new and good clothes, so-called second hand. Why to stimulate manufacturers to sew new clothes, if there are a whole lot of old ones? Possibly, mass use of clothes from second hands is one of the solutions to minimize the environmental damage?

If every person will consciously approach to the consumption, ask questions to manufacturers and require to comply with environmental standards – the planet will breath freely and our rivers will become cleaner.

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