Vintage vs second-hand

WCG Винтаж vs секонд-хенд

In the last ten years, the ‘vintage’ word became very popular among fashionistas all over the world. Not only world leading brands begin delve into achieves and produce new closing collections, revving up forgotten forms and styles, and call all that with the ‘vintage’ word. Many second-hand stores have also changed their signshops and became called as stores of vintage clothing. Taking into account inordinately growing popularity of this word and closing, which has the same calling today, the WCG company offers to its readers and customers to find out in more details what exactly the ‘vintage’ word means itself and when it shall be used and when not.

What is vintage and how it differs from second-hand?

WCG Винтаж vs секонд-хенд

As it was stated, for the last several years, vintage clothing became an adgy dress. Even such country as China, where consumers are strongly opposed to continue wearing other people’s old stuff, joined to worldwide boom and opened stores specializing on sale of vintage closing. During that vintage boom, even such worldwide brand as Ralph Lauren opened a hunting to old stuff and sells them next to its new collections. The same issue is with second-hand stores. In general and in whole, stores sell worn clothes and call them as vintage, without paying attention to original meaning of the word.

Initially, winemakers used the ‘vintage’ word to define a crop year of grape. However, with time passing, the fashion industry borrowed this word, where it acquired the meaning of rare and authentic thing, representing a style of certain Couturier or time period. Finally, the most common meaning of the ‘vintage’ word is a thing, manufactured in the period among 1920s and 1980s years. Things, with their origin from the beginning of 20th century and earlier belong to antiques, and those ones being manufactured after 1980s years, cannot be called as vintage (more often such clothes are called as modern fashion).

In its turn, the ‘second-hand’ term means by itself any elements of clothing, early being in use of other people, regardless of time period when exactly they were manufactured.

WCG Винтаж vs секонд-хенд

WCG and “Vintage”

If you are aiming to keep up with modern fashion and seek stores only with “Vintage” signshops – you may not to rush.  You can find real vintage clothing and in ordinary second-hand stores. All you need is to stock up the time.

The WCG company delivers only the best and of highest quality second-hand to Ukraine from the whole Great Britain. We are ready to cooperate with businessmen from across the whole country and guarantee high quality of things, among which your buyers will surely find the clothing which is directly related to modern fashion and style, including, possibly, and vintage things.

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