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Everyone, who goes to Amsterdam, always has something that surprises him. Works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, channels and cannabis, sex museums and red light districts, century-old architecture of the city and modern design of art spaces. There have always been a lot of “flea” markets and antique shops, and stores in Amsterdam, and recently vintage shops began actively to open against the background of fighting for environment conservation and recycling development.

Their number increases every day, and frequently when you are walking along the city streets, it is hard to understand the difference between doors of a boutique and second hand shop. Indeed, those are not the places of second hand sale, which we are accustomed to see in our country. They are rather art houses, like museum apartments, where every thing is well-groomed, hangs or stands in its place creating a unique design and that most inviting atmosphere, in which an irresistible desire appears to buy exactly that thing.

Our businessmen have much to learn from Dutch ones. And since there is a little number of such product as vintage shops in our market, pioneers will be the winners for sure. Do not you want to become one of them?

Take over the Amsterdam’s experience.

So what is special about second hand shops in Amsterdam?

  1. Appearance of vintage shops is very aesthetic. They are decorated as boutiques with flowerpots and armchairs put at entrances.
  2. Every thing in a store is washed or cleaned in a dry-cleaner, all holes are sewn; dresses, skirts, trousers are ironed and hung on individual hangers.
  3. When arranging and laying out things in a store, art objects that are traditional for vintage goods, – wicker chairs, tree branches, flowers, handkerchiefs, wooden structures, antique furniture and many other things, – are used since artist’s imagination has no boundaries.
  4. Sellers are friendly and ready to tell any (even fictitious) story about every thing.
  5. Of course, bank cards are accepted for payment.

Indeed, things do not cost a penny in such stores, but when comparing prices for similar new items, a buyer understands that he definitely wins by purchasing it here cheaper in several times.

This example can be useful to those who purchases wholesale second hand from suppliers selling only quality second hand. After having bought items by weight, having sorted it out and putting in order those things that will accurately attract attention of customers, you will undoubtedly win.

At WCG, we carefully select items from our English colleagues in order to enable business running both in traditional second hand shops and vintage shops.

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