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Today environmental protection and movement for environmental improvement have yet become not only a stylish trend but a modern way of thinking for a big number of people and a basis for advanced manufacturing technologies. Renowned brands and designers more than ever pay attention to the topic of environment preservation and waste treatment for new goods creation. But famous Swedish clothing brand H&M moved on further by releasing a whole clothing eco-collection for men, women and children.

Conscious Exclusive are clothes for future

New Conscious Exclusive collection is the pioneering project that successfully combined technologies of recycling, upcycling and ideas for ecology protection with the purpose to create one-of-kind ecological clothes made of recyclable materials.

H&M engineers and designers have long worked on development of technology allowing to minimize production waste by means of recycling and secondary use. Simultaneously, the aim was to manufacture clothes of the same high quality, as before. As a result, in 2017 company specialists successfully implemented the designed conception having released the Conscious Exclusive collection which was denoted with a green label.

During manufacturing of those eco-clothes, the fashion brand paid a lot of attention to recycling of polyester fiber, glass and plastic at receipt of microfiber used as a basic material.

New ecological H&M collection contains:

  • stylish women dresses with fairytale prints, jackets with printed patterns, neat handbags and accessories made of the Bionic material — recycled plastic and old clothes;
  • men’s tuxedos with original patterns and shirts made of recycled polyester fiber;
  • ecological children’s clothes – beautiful dresses, soft blazers and pants in a modern style;
  • perfumery with the set of unisex fragrances and organic oils which you can mix by yourself.

Eco-clothes for children became a symbol of protection of environment and life for growing generation. More and more people prefer this popular trend understanding the importance of rational use of recourses of our planet. It’s amazing that the new collection does not differ by quality from the one that was manufactured by the standard technologies, and even surpasses it in the ecological issue. The Conscious Exclusive collection stated the special attitude of the H&M brand to the world, which stepped to the side of industry of future.

Step by step

Ambitions H&M Director Karl-Johan Persson announced that the Conscious Exclusive collection is a start point for major integration of ecological technologies with manufacturing of the company. By 2030 the brand plans to switch over to eco-friendly materials and recycled products. The main purpose of such modernizations is essential reduction of the percentage of harmful emissions to the environment (ideally at 100%).

Besides, in H&M announced that this collection was made not under the influence of fashion trends but is a conscious choice to the side of ideas of the environment preservation. The company management plans to create a sustainable fashion for the general public in order that as much as possible people join to the global eco-movement.

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